Cinderella shall go to the ball

Is it just me or is going out-out a big deal once you’re a mum? You don’t get the opportunity very often, and when you do you start to over analyse everything? What to wear, hair, nails, even down to what to drink (so that you really can let your hair down but not suffer too much in the morning)

Last year the in-laws attended the local rugby club’s annual ball and asked us if we wanted to go with them. We had just had Bear Cub number 3 and there was no way that I was feeling up to a night out, a couple of drinks down the local pub possibly, but the thought of getting fully dressed up for a whole night in heels was definitely not on my list of priorities.

It did get me thinking though that we hadn’t been out for a fancy occasion in a long time and that most weddings or special events that we’d been to over the last few years I was either pregnant, breast feeding or in charge of little people. When my husbands school announced that they were organising a series of fun raising events for a past pupil*, one of which being a ball, you didn’t have to ask me twice and here we are just a week away from the event.

Being excited is an understatement. Growing up I wouldn’t have described myself as a girly girl, but it’s certainly something I’ve grown into. I think having a girl has amplified this, all those pretty dresses and matching hair bows. We were very careful when the kids were growing up to be gender neutral. Never buying the pink building blocks, embracing bear cubs 2 asking for a doll one Christmas. We live in such a judgemental society that we encourage the children to be who they want to be, play with what they want to play with, dress how they feel comfortable. We give them direction, sure, but I would never stop them from being themselves, in the hope that as they go through life they will be accepting of others.

Cinderella Dresses

The stereotype in me does however hope that Bear Cub 1 will get the opportunity to dress up for a formal, and feel like a princess for the night – going shopping for the perfect dress and shoes, watching her and her friends in the run up getting excited and planning their special night, We had a ball when we left high school, but i’m lead to believe that some primary schools have them as well – what’s your thoughts on this? Verdicts out for me. Back to the ball, what do people wear to balls these days? Don’t get me wrong, it would be amazing if it was full on ball gowns and you got to dress up like a princess for the night. Maybe I could wear my wedding dress….. Wedding Dress

Too much? Yeah probably. I imagine, as with most fashion at the moment, anything goes? Long dress, bandeaux, trouser suit, but possibly not my usual evening wear.


As this is a charity ball, I’ll donate the money I’d have spent on a new outfit to the Chris Babu Trust Fund. It’s not often you get the chance to really dress up so I’ll probably wear something long I’ve worn to a wedding in the past but glam it up differently – I have a fab orange dress that I love but is it just me or as you get a bit older does your confidence flounder and I’m not sure I want to stand out that much???

Down to the most important business – SHOES! Anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with shoes? Like every true Cinderella, the shoes are a big deal. I adore shoes – particularly high ones, the higher the better. These are a few of my favourites that I have;

Not sure I have the stamina for shoes this fun anymore, like most mums I spend the majority of my time in converse or boots, but don’t you just love looking down at pretty shoes, it distracts me from the rest of the body!!! Most exciting part of the weekend is an overnight babysitter. it sounds really bad, looking forward to time away from the kids, particularly as I spend all week missing them and being sad that working full time means not getting to spend every minute watching them grow, But having some downtime is also important for the mind and soul, and remembering that underneath all that nagging, the whiny tired mummy, there is also a fun loving, excited girl. It’s a balancing act – because that’s what mums do


*Chris Babu was involved in a life-changing accident in July 2015 after completing his GCSE exams. He was a pupil at St Peter’s Primary School and Corpus Christi High School. The money raised will help enable Chris to leave hospital and to go home. This will make life better for Chris and his family.