A little bit about me……

1) I am a  34 year old, doting (often struggling) mother to 3 beautiful children. Bear Cub 1 – Lily 8 years old, Bear Cub 2 – Jacob 5 years old and Bear Cub 3 – Griff 1 year old.

2)We live in the fabulous city of Cardiff and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. We love going on day trips, weekends away and family hoilidays.

3) My best friend is also my husband and this year we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary

4) I love everything Disney and secretly wish I was Minnie Mouse. My favourite Disney Film is Beauty and the Beast and really do want Adventure in the great wide somewhere

5) My favourite colour is yellow – it is like the sunshine and makes me smile right into to tummy (that’s where the real smiles are kept)

6) I work full time for a construction company and really enjoy my job. I have 2 degrees (because 1 just wasn’t enough) I studied Civil Engineering at Cardiff University and Quantity Surveying at UWE and I am contemplating doing my chartership

7) I have been a member of Slimming World on and off for 12 years, but this time I am determined to get to, and stick to target

8) I love to bake. (Which is probably why I need point 7!!!)

9) I have a passion for photography – I only really photograph the children using either my phone or our DSLR camera, but I would love to do a course and learn some clever skills for capturing the perfect image and editing.

10) Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate – we were having a discussion in work recently about different chocolate bar wrappers, a colleague piped up and said “if there’s one thing you don’t want to argue with her about is chocolate and Disney” I think this comment pretty much sums me up!!! 

Disney Me