Sunday Singing

Last Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to spend a fabulous hour with my baby bear. I know this sounds ridiculous, getting excited about one single hour but for all you mum’s out there with more than one person wanting your attention it’s so nice to be able to steal some one to one time. (Luckily it was before he’d had his jabs as this week he is not a happy bunny!)

I tried to take all my bear cubs to local groups whilst on maternity leave, these groups were where I made lots of new friends and what kept me sane. I was lucky enough to stumble across a lovely music group, Little Fizz and Party Fizz* when I was off with Bear Cub 1. Full of singing, instruments, bubbles and fun we would both look forward to every week. I returned with Bear Cub 2 and Baby Bear, and each time I went back to work, my mum continued to take the kids along to the classes (she’s a star that one)

Little Fizz

I fully believe that every child should have music in their lives, Recent studies have shown that music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children and strengthens cognitive and sensory development (Importance of Music, Tiny Love).

Being back in work full time means that I don’t get to do as much of the fun stuff as I used to. I’m sure it’s the same with many of you, weekends are mainly spent in the supermarket or shuttling around between various activities.

When Liz (Little Fizz) mentioned she was doing an extra class on Sunday I jumped at the chance to go. Sat in the car park of the scout hall while baby bear has a little nap before the class, I suddenly remembered that the class was being filmed for a promotional video so I frantically routed in the baby bag and found a lip gloss and ran my hands through my hair (which had been in a mum bun since last night).

We went in and it was nice to have a little catch up with Lizz and some of the other mums. The bubbles were going, the music was playing and it was lovely to watch Griff toddle off and get stuck in. Once everyone had arrived the class started and we sang all the familiar songs including Incy Wincy Spider, Grand Old Duke, Sun Has Got His Hat On and Twinkle Twinkle. The last time I went to a class Baby Bear was only 8 months old so it was a different experience for me seeing how he interacted now he’s up on his feet and engaged in a different way.


Safe to say he wasn’t a fan of Old McDonald, walking to the door and waving goodbye when the song started. All the other songs were a hit though and the little ones made plenty of noise when the instruments were brought out. I couldn’t help smiling as I watched all their little faces beaming, little hands popping bubbles and bottoms bopping along to the music.

It’s little moments like this that you play back over and over in your mind, when you’re at work and your heart is aching because you miss them or you’re pacing the floor at 1:30 in the morning praying they’ll go back to sleep – because that’s what mums do!

*Little Fizz is an Award Winning, exciting and engaging combination of music, movement and learning through play within a fun, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Classes are held in Cardiff, Caerphilly and Penarth every weekday with Family Friendly Flexible Attendance. You are able to book Party Fizz for special celebrations and during summer holidays and half terms Little Fizz hosts themed parties

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